Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book of Mormon 365 - Mosiah 29:33-47

In tonight's reading of The Book of Mormon we read about the ending of the kingdom of Mosiah, the son of Benjamin, and the beginning of the reign of the judges. And we learn that in transitioning to more of a democratic society from a monarchy, the burden falls upon the people. In verse 34, we read the words of King Mosiah: "that every man might bear his part."

Alma, the son of Alma who was in King Noah's court, was selected as the "first Chief Judge" and "high priest" which basically means this was the government of God. Elder Bruce R. McConkie writes, "He gave direction in all things both civil and ecclesiastical; there was no separation of church and state." (New Witness for the Articles of Faith, 35)

King Mosiah and Alma the Elder passed away at the end of Mosiah 29 and a new era in The Book of Mormon is underway where the state has now basically adopted the Church for its governing laws. It's a promising situation because it makes me think of the Millenium when the Savior will reign on the Earth and we will live in peace and harmony. However, it also causes me concern, because we see how societies around the world have enforced religious beliefs as the rule of law to the dismay and death and destruction of large numbers of people.

What will ultimately  happen to the Nephites and Lamanites now that we are in the reign of the judges? Looking forward to the next book in The Book of Mormon. We begin The Book of Alma tomorrow.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Book of Mormon 365. Mosiah 20:12-21:8

We are just a little bit late to the 365 challenge for reading The Book of Mormon, but our bishopric challenged the ward to commit to reading the scriptures this year and so ... better late than never. Today during testimony meeting, several people bore their testimony about reading the scriptures and participating in this initiative from the bishopric which was announced at Ward Conference in January. So, we missed 121 days which covered 1 Nephi 1 through Mosiah 20:11. Now we have 244 days to go and we started as a family tonight on verse 12 of Mosiah 20.

My goal on this blog will be to share out any insight from the kids or Kari or me each day as we read. I may also summarize and reflect on the verses we have read.

Basically, this passage tonight seemed to focus on a huge misunderstanding between King Limhi and the Lamanites. Several of the Lamanite daughters were abducted into the wilderness by the priests of King Noah (Limhi's dad) and the Lamanites assumed Limhi had something to do with this. They came to battle.

But, Limhi was a righteous king who knew full well of the wickedness of his father's ways. Once his men had captured the leader of the Lamanites, instead of just killing him, he asked to see the man. That's when he discovered the situation about the abduction, and he realized that slaying this man would simply escalate the situation and prolong the conflict that already existed between the two sides. In fact, he let the man and his troops retreat with a promise to get to the bottom of what had happened and to continue to serve the Lamanites as basically a fulfillment of the prophecy made by Abinadi to King Noah from the Lord.

As it happens, the Lamanites continued to antagonize Limhi and his people by smiting them on their cheek and instigating violence. They tolerated the abuse as long as they could stand it before it became too much and finally Limhi, in chapter 21, gave permission for his men to organize themselves to retaliate.

So, they went off to challenge the Lamanites and the scripture records, "the Lamanites did beat them, and drove them back, and slew many of them." (v. 8)

I guess what I take away from this on one hand is the idea that sometimes we are in bondage and must simply accept the consequences of our actions. We don't necessarily have to like the consequences, but the Lord is going to carry out His will. It will be interesting to see what Limhi decides to do next.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 1995

Sept. 8th - I am sitting on an airplane on the runway of the Philadelphia Airport. The flight has been delayed to St. Louis, MO, for 20-minutes because of a "traffic jam."

This morning we ate a delicious breakfast with Pres. and Sis. Wagstaff and then headed to the airport along with Elders Garner and Gillespie. Now we are on the plane to St. Louis.

The flight went well. I sat next to Jeanie Saleau, the president of a travel agency, from St. Louis to SF.

Dad, Mom, Bridet, and Mary were at SF waiting for me. How sweet. We hugged and laughed and talked.

I came home and saw Dallas and Leslie. Dad drove me to Martinez tonight and Pres. Farr released me as a missionary. I felt the mantle lifted. You can totally feel it. I felt the Spirit very strongly.

I saw Karyn Calkins at the football game. Her man is Tristan Flores now. And I talked with Marcia Osborne, Danielle Roger, Maya. We went to ECHS football because Leslie is cheerleading. I talked with Officer Small, Art Pangelina; a lot of folks. It feels WEIRD!